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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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we are just a few hours away before reading in 2018. how people are celebrating and the transit option for bay area revelers. 1 million people crowded right now into times a square. there watching the iconic ball drop at the stroke of midnight on what is one of the coldest new year's eves in decades. ktvu fox 2 news at 6. san francisco's waterfront will be packed tonight with people celebrating the start of 2018. about 20,000 people gather along the embarcadero to watch the fireworks shows. the missionary would it look like last year when fireworks lit up the sky at midnight. following the pier 39 terror scale -- scare, police say they
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will have extra security measures in place tonight. police say there are no credible threats, but new year's revelers should expect to see a strong police presence along the embarcadero. it will also set up a specific text message number. will be cleared enough to see the fireworks? >> there will be clouds, but i think they will be friendly clouds. looking pretty good. it is some dense fog out there. the big story is not really here in the bay area, but across the country. the current temperature out there. it is -10 in minneapolis. -13 in fargo. in your, they have a current air temperature of 11 degrees. here, you can see some scattered high clouds. a few scattered showers in the north bay early this morning and going into the afternoon
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hours. let's take a look at the current numbers. most areas are in the 50s. it is mild out there. it will cool off into the 40s. here's the live camera. looking out toward san francisco. the embarcadero holiday lights are still up. crowded for tonight. still some overcast out there for tonight. i believe partly cloudy skies, or mostly cloudy skies. the high clouds will work their way back into the area for the evening. as we wrap up 2017, december 31 at 8:00, the temperatures will be the 40s. at the stroke of midnight, 43 to 48. we will say hello to 2018. we're tracking some big changes that could include rainfall for the year. we will have more on that, coming up and a few minutes. if you plan to party it up tonight, hopefully you plan to transportation as well. if you have not, here are a variety of transportation
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options tonight. some of them are free. we have more. >> reporter: before you toast to the good life, make sure you make plans to make it to that life in 2010. >> we are going to use uber. >> reporter: uber or lyft are popular choices, but some people forgot to factor in the surcharges. they can sometimes hurt your wallet. >> we went to a soccer game, barcelona versus madrid, and it was quadruple the price that night to get back to our hotel. >> reporter: if your resolution is to be more fiscally responsible, you could call the home mobile. it has been driving us after cisco since 2010. >> if you lost your wallet, if you have the money, it's a donation it. known is turned away for lack of funds. anyone can ride, when i can ask for the gay card or anything. but it is specifically for
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those who have safety issues because of the perceived gender or sexuality. >> reporter: there lots of options to consider. >> we were thinking about uber, but the price might tell us not to take that. i don't know, maybe home mobile or public transportation like the bus. >> reporter: san francisco offers free public transportation options. muni will be free from 8 pm until 5 am. when muni arrives, do not flick your card or activate any mobile , otherwise you will be charged.>> transit buses run free of charge and buses also run free. all of this transportation options will not cost you anything if you arrive between 8 pm and 5 am. bart will not be free, will extend their -- service to 3 pm. >> my first experience of the bart this weekend. the work so far coming set to figure out the system.
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>> reporter: 2018 offers lots of safety options, so there's no excuse not to get behind the wheel. more than 100 people ring in the new year today but taking a swing at a 2100 pound japanese temple bell. the annual ritual was that of the japanese new year's a bellringing ceremony. at the asian art museum and services go. they took turns taking the -- ring the bell as a way to leave behind bad luck and unfortunate experiences for 2017. this year marks the 32nd annual new year's bellringing ceremony. from coast-to-coast, let's take a live look at times square in york city where performances are already underway. the crossroads of america. the main street of the u.s. there in times square. look at them bundled up. it is 11 degrees right now in
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new york city. you can see the breath coming off of her as she is singing in the audience. everyone has the gloves and hats and scarves. an estimated 1 million people already crammed into the security zone to watch the iconic ball drop tonight at the stroke of midnight, less than 6 hours away in your city. they have to and all up because they are braving some of the coldest temperatures in decades. have more the security measures taken for tonight celebration. >> reporter: as many as 2 million people are here in new york's times square ready to bring in the new year. around the world, the festivities are already underway. happy new year. [ cheering ] >> reporter: 2018 has officially begun as midnight passed in china, hong kong, and australia. in sydney, they lined the harbor to watch the massive display. a rainbow waterfall on the bridge celebrating the
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legalization of same-sex marriage in the country is a midnight. >> i'm hoping to have a year full of love. happiness, laughter, and helping others. >> reporter: here in new york, this is expected to be one of the most frigid. the forecast is for 11 degrees with a windchill of 0. that can be the coldest a 100 years. revelers are braving the weather and sticking out spots early this morning. >> waiting for the ball to drop. it so cold, but this is what we came here for. >> if my fingertip start to get purple, it might be time to go home. >> reporter: in the wake of recent terror attacks, police are launching an unprecedented blanket of security. the nypd is promising more security than in years past. >> they have dealt with this for many years, but they have stepped up a little bit. they have vehicle blockers at different intersections because of the crazy people who have tried to drive through people. also, a very heavy undercover
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presence, especially the hotels. for those who do not want to come out and brave the extreme cold, people be watching from the comfort of their living rooms. starting tomorrow, adults over the age of 21 will be able to buy recreational marijuana legally in california. you might run into problems if you're trying to buy it in san francisco. it looks like cannabis clubs in the city will not be able to sell marijuana until later in the week. that is because certain regulations took longer than expected to finalize. new dosage limits for marijuana edibles will also go in effect. while the sale will be legal, cannabis users cannot consume in and drive, or carry open containers well behind the wheel. another new law will make california a sanctuary state and there is also a measure that waives the first your tuition for full-time students at california's 114 community colleges. also new for 2018, the schools cannot engage in so-called lunch shaming, by denying
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students lunch because the parents have not paid real fees. another big change, starting tomorrow, there's an increase in the state minimum wage. it goes up $.50 per hour. workers will earn $11 an hour at businesses with at least 26 employees. $10.50 at smaller businesses. a minimum wage worker will make $22,880 a year making $11 an hour. this change is not as noticeable the bay area, where the minimum wage is higher than $11 an hour. in other news, in the north bay, driver was trapped for several hours after the box truck he was driving struck a utility pole. what happened along highway 116. the collision knocked down a live electrical pole, which came to rest on top of the enterprise rental truck. the driver was not hurt, but because of the hotline, he could not get out of the truck
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for more than six hours. crews were able to deenergize the power lines at around 10:30 this morning. >> are you feeling lucky? next week's powerball drawing is going to have the second loudest -- highest jackpot in history. >> it is predicted to be for the $40 million. here's another look at last night's numbers. coming up, a lane carrying -- came down in costa rica, killing everyone on board. a shooting in colorado the left and -- a deputy injured.
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all 12 people aboard a private plane died today in a
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crash of -- in costa rica. the pilots were costa rican, the passengers were americans. the plane belongs to a company called nature air. they were headed for the capital of san jose one a crash. there is no word on where the americans are from or what might have caused the crash. in colorado, sheriff's deputy is dead after a shooting. >> it happened after deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call in a denver suburb this morning. the gunman was also killed. a handful of deputies walked into an onslaught of gunfire in highlands ranch, colorado, about 15 miles south of denver. they were responding to a disturbance call. the suspect was making a lot of noise when the officers walked into the apartment, the suspect unloaded. four deputies were injured. one, zackari parrish, was shot and killed.
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the suspect, who is not being identified, was shot and killed by regional s.w.a.t. team. the gunman was someone who was very familiar to local law enforcement. the motive is unclear at this point, but we have learned that he used a rifle in his attack and was waiting for officers to arrive. deputy zackari parrish was 29, was married, and had two young children. heartbreaking loss for both his family and fellow officers.>> we are deeply saddened by the loss of zackari parrish. when i sat with his wife and held her hand, i could see in her eyes that her life was over. i have been a blessed sheriff. i had wonderful things happen to me. wonderful savings. i've had deputies be shot ran over, but they survived. it was very different today to see him for the last time.
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>> is the investigation continues, the investigation led them from the hospital in littleton to the medical examiner's office. president trump waiting on twitter, saying his deepest condolences. we love our police and law enforcement. god bless them all. we have learned that the remaining victims have non-life- threatening injuries. in texas, police found guns and ammunition in a hotel room where a big new year's eve party is set for tonight. they call police when they had trouble said -- subduing an intoxicated man. a search of his room turned up an error 15, shotgun, and a handgun. the suspect was arrested for unlawfully carrying a weapon, as well as trespassing. his vehicle was also located in they are going to do some checking on that to see if there is more in their.>> reporter: the highest annual celebration is one of houston's largest new year's eve parties.
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police have not said of the man, whose name was not released, was expected to attend. in 2017, republicans succeeded in getting the tax bill signed into law. democrats picked up a major victory in the alabama senate race. what will 2018 hold? we have more on what congressional leaders will be hoping to accomplish in the new year.>> reporter: republican leaders have a long wish list for 2018 would include a couple of items which may be able to get bipartisan support. one is rebuilding america's infrastructure. they're looking at $200 billion in federal spending to replay -- rebuild roads, bridges, and waterways. another hot button issue is immigration reform, including daca. democrats want to permanently protect those who were brought into the country illegally as children. two says he's willing to do that in exchange for an and to chain migration and the immigration lottery system, as well as his border wall, which
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he says is a nonstarter. senator lindsey graham is still optimistic. >> we need the wall. we need border security. there is a deal to be had on immigration. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan is also id -- eying some issues like entitlement and welfare programs, which many democrats consider untouchable. >> this is what we're going to fight against. the privatization of social security. the diminishment of medicare and medicaid. we know that that is on the block for the republican colleagues in the house. house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell are in camp david. ailing senator john mccain will return to washington next month. one of his closest friends said today that senator lindsey graham gave the update on face the nation.
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he has an aggressive form of brain cancer. his office has not issued an official update on his health and about two weeks. the last update came after he was hospitalized in maryland for side effects from his cancer treatment. concerns about this year's flu season has some hospitals taking extra precautions. madera community hospital in fresno are now receiving -- restricting children under the age of 13 visiting patients to stop spread the flu. dr. say that nearly half of all recent visits to the emergency room have been related to the flu.>> it is very difficult for us to say which kit is affected and who is not affected. >> the state department of health say that at least 10 people have died from the flu this year in california. a look like the bay area will start 2018 with another spare the air day. the air management quality district will have the events today and tomorrow.
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that means no fires in the fireplace, unless it is your only source of heat. is talk to mark tamayo with the bay area forecast. do you know offhand how many alerts this is? >> in a row? i know at least a dozen for the season. in a row, it has to be handful of days. >> that's what i was getting at, the season. >> it is a pretty basic link. if we don't get rain this time of year, we will be issued those of the rain or wind. there is not much mixing, but that could be changing finally. let's wait a few days. finally, a storm could clean out the lower levels of the atmosphere. lots of clouds. you may have encountered a few scattered showers today. i know i saw some in sonoma county. right now, we have partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies up there as well. current numbers, santa rosa 51.
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san jose 56 degrees. san francisco 54. lots of 50s across a good portion of the bay area. we will have more 40s over the next few hours. here's the camera, looking out toward the san francisco bay. it is a the bay bridge lights, which is a popular destination for the evening. we will have cloud cover in the upper levels of the atmosphere. here we are at the high tides. these are the king tides. we will have them again. driving around the bay, you might notice minor flooding in the coastal weather advisory for tomorrow and into tuesday. these are the high tides with the golden gate bridge. whenever gets close to 70, it will cause some minor flooding. will be the case for monday, tuesday, and into wednesday. overnight lows tomorrow morning january 1 in the 30s to the 40s. a bit of a chill in the area. some areas of fog. is a bit midnight.
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some clouds working their way across parts of the bay area. tomorrow morning, some fog going into the central valley along the coast. to the afternoon hours, we will scale back on the overcast skies, becoming partly cloudy by tomorrow afternoon. that is in the forecast, starting off it san francisco. by lunchtime, partly cloudy and close to 60 degrees. by 3:00, as well. here we go. the area of high pressure have been in charge of our weather for the good portion of december. tomorrow is a dry weather forecast. a slight chance of a shower in your tuesday forecast. we are waiting for wednesday. rainfall could be developing, especially by late afternoon into the evening hours. showers are likely into the thursday forecast as well. i like to show you so miserable rainfall across the bay area. the main event moves into the day on wednesday. it could easily top 0.25 inches. for thursday, some scattered
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showers. possibly lasting into friday as well. may be a shower into saturday morning. things will be trending towards a lighter forecast as we head into the new year. forecast highs for tomorrow are mainly in the 60s. tomorrow, you will wake up to some clouds and some fog. hartley cloudy skies by the afternoon hours. finally, we have some clouds to talk about. chance of shower into friday and may be a slight chance into saturday morning. tonight, it is looking okay. not completely clear, but still some high clouds and thankfully not 10 degrees right here in the bay area. >> alec it is new york. >> it will be more like 45. >> we will take it. the first a superman of the year is happening tomorrow on what will be the first day of the new year. super moods are not any bigger than any other moon, they just look that way because the moon is closer to the earth in its orbit. experts say that the best time to see the super moon is at
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9:24 monday night. it will be the second in a trilogy of super moods in december and january. the first was on december 3 and another will appear on january 31. coming up, so breaking news.>> huge news. head coach jack del rio fired. we will hear from him next in sports. really?
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a lot of rumors surrounding the fate of jack del rio of the oakland raiders. >> sometimes when there is smoke there is fire. there's a bombshell in the air. how is this for 2017 bookend? on new year's day, they fired john kelly. 3 to 64 days later, they fire jack del rio. del rio is a 25-23. longer tenure than any rater coach since john gruden. there is some speculation about john gruden coming back. that were maine is such for now. now it is all about a franchise turning the page and an emotional farewell. >> i told him how much i appreciated the opportunity gave me.
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i'm very grateful. it's my childhood team. but, it is a result of business. i understand that.>> by the way, they played a game. his last on the open sideline against the chargers. 3rd quarter, 33-10 la. 62 yard touchdown. the chargers win in a blowout, but they did not get the help that they needed on that from. the there are the december darlings of the nfl. the 49ers made one final proclamation that 2018 just might be there year. the rams were resting the stars, jerk off, todd gurley's graph low will be to marquise goodwin. nice pattern. five for five on that drive. it is 10-0 san francisco. fast-forward to the 4th quarter.
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12 yards aldrick robinson. 292 yards, two touchdowns. a major honor for david shaw. he wins the dodd trophy for college football coach of the year. it honors scholarship, leadership, and integrity. they finished 9-5. they lost the other day to tcu. we will have much were coming up at 10. thank you. thank you for joining us. have a happy new year. we will see you tonight at 10. >> happy new year, everybody.
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